Vice President, Head of Athlete Wealth Management



Atsushi Furukawa has nearly 10 years of experience in private wealth management at Bank of Kyoto, as well as in the alternative investment area at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank and Alternative Investment Capital Limited.

Previously, he provided general partners and institutional investors with investment advisory services based on our experience and knowledge by investment managing of fund of funds and discretionary investment management business.

He earned a BA in Business Administration from Ritsumeikan University in 2013.

Atsushi has 22 years of Kendo experience and is a Japanese Samurai.



Vice President, Head of ESG Development



Takuya Iwanaga was a Manager in the Corporate Planning Division, Project Finance Team, Business Development and Human resources development at Japan Renewable Energy Corporation for 8 years.

Prior to Japan Renewable Energy, he worked for KPMG AZSA LLC for 3 years as a certified public accountant and has experience in accounting audits, internal control audits and accounting advisory services.

He earned a BA in Law from Chuo University.

He loves saunas, camping and sake.



Partner, Wealth Management
Managing Partner / POD Wealth Management, Inc.



Shigeru ‘Steve’ Kusunoki has over 20 years of experience in finance including serving as Director of Advisory team at UBS Wealth Management, as well as holding various investment banking and corporate finance roles at UBS, Mizuho, Sony and Alternative Investment Capital Limited.

He earned a BA in Policy Management from Keio University in 1997 and an MBA from the University of Chicago in 2006.

Steve is an avid fan of the “Bad Boys” Detroit Pistons, struggling to balance between pumping iron and marathon running, and an owner of an Italian restaurant.



Partner, ESG Investing
Managing Partner POD Capital, Inc.



Atsushi works as rep director of POD Capital.

Previously, he worked at Asset Management Division of Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd., responsible for growth and buyout investments in Japan.  He served as external board director of Japan Renewable Energy Corporation, Smart Energy Co., Ltd., and ILS Inc.Prior to Goldman Sachs, he worked at McKinsey Japan for three years after graduating from the University of Tokyo with a BA in Laws.

Atsushi loves fishing and drinking, while he more often goes for a run to maintain his shape.



Managing Partner



Yuji Matsumoto is Managing Partner and a member of the Board of Directors for POD Corporation, POD Wealth Management, Inc., and POD Capital, Inc.

He serves as a member on the Board of Directors of Smart Energy Co., Ltd., a portfolio company of POD Capital, Inc. He also serves as an advisor to Nojima Sagamihara Rise, a professional American football team in Japan.

Previously, he was a Managing Director in the Merchant Banking Division at Goldman Sachs, responsible for growth and buyout investments in Japan.

He served as a member on the Board of Directors of Japan Renewable Energy Co., Ltd., Smart Energy Co., Ltd (current), ILS Inc., and K.K.B4F.
Prior to Goldman Sachs, he worked in the Energy and Infrastructure Group at Sumitomo Corporation for six years in Japan and the U.S.

He earned a BA in Economics from Keio University in 1999 and an MBA from the University of Chicago in 2007.

Yuji is an avid fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, a struggling golf addict, and a self-proclaimed concert pianist.



Director, Head of Media & Creative



Masahiro Murase studied under stylist Tomoki Sukezane, and became independent in 2004. While working as a freelance stylist, he acted as the fashion editor for magazines including "POPEYE", "GQ JAPAN" and most recently, as creative director for "Forbes JAPAN".

His publications include collection critique and columns on several fashion media outlets. He is still active as a stylist for celebrities and executives. He regularly tours overseas fashion collections and has been frequently targeted by world class bloggers and media.

Under the concept of Fashion and Hero, he produced "Kamen Rider 40th Collection" and "Ultraman 45th Collection" via mook style publication and handled public relations consulting for Kita-Ibaraki local municipality.

Masahiro is an avid fan of Baseball and sports in general and loves writing.



Associate, Social Branding


Prior to earning a Sports MBA, Jimu Nagoshi started his own travel agency focused on Southeast Asia tourists, networked with more than 200 luxury hotels and restaurants.

Previously, he had worked at Wacoal, a major Japanese lingerie company, as a sales person in their department store division for 4 years.

He earned a BA in Sports Management from Ritsumeikan University in 2013 and a Sports MBA from the San Diego State University in 2022.



Associate, Wealth Management


Mayuko Okamoto previously worked at Tokai Tokyo Securities.

She was responsible for selling financial products (including loans and insurance) to individuals and corporations, advising high net worth clients in the Wealth Management division, and providing services to IFAs in the IFA division as securities platform provider.

She earned a BA in Humanities and Social Sciences from Jissen Women’s University.



Chief Operating Officer


Hiroyuki Shibamura worked at Fuji Film for 24 years, of which he spent 18 years at photo printing and data storage media business.  Led financial planning, consolidated governance, BCP planning, structural reform to streamline R&D, production and sales.

Also led the launch of internal control division to ensure reliability of financial reporting and improve corporate governance.

He earned a BA in Economics from Keio University in 1999.


New York

Partner, Business Development



Previously, Teppei Shiokawa was a Director of New York office at Yomiuri Giants (Japanese professional baseball) for 5 seasons since 2015, responsible for scouting MLB players and negotiating player contracts. Prior to this position, he worked as a team interpreter and handled international duties for 6 seasons. He joined the Yomiuri Giants in 2009.

He initially began his career with Sumitomo Corporation, working in the retail business department where he engaged in business development. Later, joined the Los Angeles Dodgers and went on to work for the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks.

He earned a BA in International Business Management from Aoyama Gakuin University in 1999.

Teppei is a passionate fan of Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) and loves to play recreational baseball for the New York Jokers



Director, Head of Social Engagement



Kumiko Tomochika has over 13 years of experience in corporate philanthropy at Goldman Sachs, where she was responsible for planning and executing all philanthropic endeavors in Japan, overseeing employees’ volunteer programs for 15 offices in Asia Pacific, working closely with important stakeholders including government, non-profit organizations, universities, etc.

She earned a Master of Business Administration in Social Design Studies from Rikkyo University in 2015, while working at Goldman Sachs.

Previously, she has worked for financial firms, such as Lehman Brothers, Citi Group, Mizuho Bank.

As a mother of two kids, Kumiko takes great pleasure in learning ways to raise children’s self-esteem and improve their communication, not only because it benefits her two children, but also because it helps any child be their own best friend and become a self-confident person.


Los Angeles

Partner, Social Branding



Most recently, Kaz Yamanouchi served as Vice President at B-Global Agency, a sports agency based in LA, where he engaged in advising Japanese companies about overseas business strategy related to the sports business in the US market, planning and execution of sports events in Japan and overseas, marketing of professional athletes, and sponsorship sales. He also served as Co-Founder and Director of a non-profit organization, B-Adaptive Foundation, where he supported disabled athletes through wheelchair tennis events in California.

Previously, he worked in the corporate sales division at Sompo Japan.

He earned a B.A in General Law from Waseda University in 2005, a M.S. in Sports Business from New York University in 2013 and a LL.M from Fordham University School of Law in 2014.

Kaz loves to travel and exercise (running and biking).